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A Wedding is no Joking matter. It’s an entire Production. It’s taking care of every little detail, It’s the labour of love, Its leaving no stone unturned to make that One day that a person marks their Union with another, an Unforgettable affair.

So, whether you opt for a low-key party hosted in your own Backyard or you end up throwing a Grand destination Wedding at an exotic locale, complete with all the guests being flown in by helicopters, a Wedding is A Wedding and no Wedding is complete without- you guessed it- The Wedding Cake! This Cake is an entity on its own, it needs to represent the couple as a unit in a unique and memorable way. A sweet statement of their style and vibe in three tiers or more!  Sounds rather difficult when we’re basically talking about lifeless ingredients like sponge cakes and sugar paste right? 

But If you have an Instagram account or a Pinterest board or just happen to not live under an actual rock you would know that the Sky is the limit with Wedding Cakes! There are infinite amounts of decor options that the market is flooded with today.With all these choices available it is important to understand what statement you really want to make on your D-Day, Afterall, you only get one shot at this.

Lots of themes keep arriving on the Wedding Cake scene, and each one may find a target audience of its own,or generate buzz but fizzle out like most fads. Lately,  an understated and classy theme is quite the wedding trend around the globe although the original aesthetic underlying it is timeless in itself. You can never go wrong with ombre rosettes, dainty sugar flowers or real flowers and this is why the trend is here to stay. Naked cakes are another recent favourite, in all their exposed sponge and buttercream glory – they give a rustic vibe that is perfect for a low-key intimate affair. Interesting to note that when this trend started generating buzz, renowned British food writer Mary Berry vehemently disapproved of it on an episode of The Great British Bake Off. Later however, the trend snowballed into a cult favourite of sorts and looks like it refuses to fade away as it has created a new sub-genre of a cake theme altogether! Watercolour cakes are all the rage too in all their stunning pastel hues, covered in floral motifs or macaroons sweeping up the sides. If you want to go the extra mile for your big day and make it even more special than it already is, Hand painted cakes are perfect for you as they are just the right amount of elaborate and thoughtful. An emerging trend if you want to dish out some extra cash is using gold leaf. Cover your cake sparingly or go all out by covering an entire tier or multiple tiers (warning: $$$).

Cake toppers are an essential part of any wedding cake. You could have your own customised one with a personal message or you could add some pizzazz with funky ones that basically are its own genre of “we don’t even wanna be married” which is always a major LOL.

We must admit, Nobody does extravagant cakes like the good old Desi population of the world. The Great Indian Wedding today is embracing western concepts of having cakes not just for the Wedding day but all the other events and ritual ceremonies that are part of the typically  elaborate celebrations. The best example of such cultural blending is Mehendi Cakes and Dhol cakes.They are bright, bold and unapologetically Desi! Made specifically keeping the events of Mehendi or the day the bride and groom are prepped for the big day and the Sangeeth or dance ceremony- these cakes are a hit across Desis of all ages. And why wouldn’t they be as there is special fondant work that resembles the instrument called dhol for the dhol cakes and then the fondant Bangles for the Mehendi cake that are a literal representation of the word Extra.Another popular cake in such occasions is Printed cakes with printed florals and other motifs from the subcontinent like paisleys and vines printed on sugar sheets atop the cake.Sure to lend a classic and timeless ethnic finish to the Wedding cake.

A Wedding is a moment in time frozen for a lifetime of admiration. They make the hours of your life that you will keep revisiting the most. This puts a whole lot of value on the Wedding Cake too, more than just how it tastes! We at Alchemy understand how important aesthetics are and swear to provide you with The best looking Cake you can possibly have on your big day. This is possible only if the baker builds a bond with the couple, understands them and what their taste is. It involves finalising of flavours, textures, colours and designs that will best represent the couple and their sensibilities. These aspects could perhaps match their outfits of the day or match with the theme! The underlying aim is to have a cake that tastes and looks like it has been perfectly tailored to suit the Personality of the couple on the whole – whether it is the smallest detail of customising a cake topper or adding even a single sugar flower – everything is done only after the approval of the couple in mind. The final masterpiece is the product of a lot of love, toil and thought put into each cake tier.

The challenges and hurdles to bring to a client their dream cake are nothing short of Herculean! Three to four tier cakes are extremely difficult to assemble, and their transportation is another factor to weigh into the cake design way before the cake is even made. Humidity and weather also play a huge role – sometimes the colour dye of the fondant can leak due to condensation or the Buttercream may melt in higher temperatures. American buttercream or whipped cream is used so the frosting stays stiff and doesn’t melt off. Another problem most Wedding Bakers face is that clients want a Grand looking cake but may have a small budget – this is when we add ‘dummy’ tiers that are not actual cake but simply decor tiers to make the cake look Grand. This ensures that even if the actual cake quantity is less and made according to the number of guests at the Wedding, the couple will still have a super Grand and Opulent looking cake at their D-Day!

Ayman Ali Khan
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