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Bake Someone Happy with Birthday Cake Ultimatums

There is that one point in your life when you finally realize that no matter how much you try to express gratitude and love for someone your words wont be able to justify the feelings . There is an ocean down there; hidden .but you feel it, only you feel it in the whole wide world….

If you are someone who is constantly looking for a way to express the unfathomable love you have for your loved ones, be it your granny or your buddy or even your little sibling, this is the right place you have stumbled upon because because here we turn your visions into reality.

We do not believe in the standard cookie cutter cakes rather we have the passion to listen to your stories and instead of handing you a standardized cake we give you the opportunity of customizing it yourself. The alchemy kitchen tempts you to venture beyond simplicity and helps you to plan that birthday your friend had always dreamed of creating the most surreal and exquisite forms of cakes. Not only is the cake drenched in the most indulging and mouth watery flavors, but also has that whiff of magic that it rightly needs making the birthday girl go oo’lalaaaa and she sure is gonna have a wide toothed grin splotched all over her face once she sees her cake.

Orders may range from a little boy tugging at his mommy’s frills pleading her to get him a spider man cake all the way to the glint in your grandpa’s eye when he sees that you ordered him a navy themed alchemy creation making him feel teary eyed as he reminiscence the good old days he had spent in the navy.

It is never about how much you give but how much love you put into the giving

– Mother Teresa

For a Muscle Builder DC fan

Here we have compiled for you the most popular customized birthday cake creation based upon the likes of the majority but you can feel free to design and customize your cake because there is no limit to what the human mind is capable off and we would love to hear out your ideas and work on them in order to create an unforgettable birthday experience for your loved ones.
So without further ado lets dig in ,into the world of picture perfect cupcakes and aesthetically pleasing cakes that are unapologetic, ravishing and yummy for the tummy.

This cake sure is here to create sparks between DC and Marvel fans but who would dare to argue with this muscle boy…
DC Fan Cake

For the little Disney Princess

What’s a classic crowd pleasing dessert? Yes; I heard it right, CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! The dish fit for the kings making it an excellent treat for that one friend who doesn’t share her chocolates.

She wanted to look like a princess, twirl like a princess and wear a crown like a princess. Her majesty’s trustee alchemy kitchen made sure she also felt like a princess by baking her the most majestic cake ever known to man…
Birthday Cake

For Your Precious Mother

A Knickerbocker chocolaty base with a strawberry tart layer laden on it  meticulously designed to make sure it wins the heart of the keen little eyed princess who wants nothing short, but perfection.

All that I am or hope to be, I owe it to my mother.
-Abraham Lincoln

No matter how unfair and difficult the world gets, a mother is someone who gives it all, toiling day and night, yet we always fall short of expressing our appreciation and love for her.  birthday is a perfect opportunity for saying her ‘’thank you’’. We love you and appreciate your efforts in making us who we are today.

Birthday Cake

For Magic Lovers

Order in our two layer of heaven, covered  with rosette frosting with beautiful gradients of pinks and reds.

A life full of unicorns and pixy dust
Love Cake

For the Unofficcial Squad MUA

Here you enter into a  magical place with wisps and fairies, dancing pottery and unicorn radiating an aura of positive vibes. This customized creation is bound to sparkle your life enchant it and make your birthday a memorable one. With this luscious and picture perfect unicorn what could ever go wrong.

Not every artist uses paper and paint.

Remember those party nights when you weren’t able to get your eyeliner right ,you were anxious and annoyed but in the flicker of a second you found your fairy god mother right by your side ,the unofficial squad MUA; she fixed you up and made you look pretty snatched.well guess what ,we have customized this cake just for her ,a beautiful and elegant way of telling her thank you and we really appreciate you for who you are.

Makeup Cake

For the Tumblr Freak

We do love how these tiny treats can do wonders to your mood because there is nothing a cupcake can’t solve as the saying goes precious things come in small packages. These little red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting are here to stay and is an ideal treat to make someone happy.

Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles.
Alchemy Cupcakes

For the DJ Marshmellow Fan

There is just so much energy with a DJ on the stage, so why not represent that energy on a yummy cake, this cake puts a beautiful message out there to always smile and to keep singing; staying low key and winning through life. Alchemy has customized an ideal birthday treat for the happy go lucky mate of yours with the one and only dark chocolate super star layered alternatively with silky ganache and creamy vanilla icing.

Never stop dreaming
Happy Cake

For the Lensman

A photographer wants you to look through his eyes, feel what he feels and express what he cannot express through mere words because there is just so much depth in what he sees and feels.
Its time for you to give back the love he had showered upon you with pictures that left you in awe. so presenting before you an extravagant chocolate ganache with moist chocolate cake!

Live life-take pictures-relieve memories -repeat
Birthday Cake

Whew! That was a handful but you know what this is not even a quarter of what is present on the Alchemy 180 Instagram page, Check that out for more yummy treats and picture perfect cakes

What do you think about these beauties? Let us know in the comments below and share with us your ideas, passion and your creativity.

Till then stay happy and eat cake!

Syeda Mariah
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