The Art of Baking

Build a rock solid foundation for your baking dreams to take flight

Learn to make designer cakes, frosting, fondant elements, mirror glazing, cookies, cupcakes and much more in 4 days. Designed to teach you our trademark tips and tricks so you can take the magic from Alchemy Kitchen to yours. Vaccinated members can register


  • Location: Hyderabad, India
  • Dates: August 12 — 14, 2021
  • Timings: 9 am — 6 pm
  • Language: English

What you’ll learn

Amaze family and friends by baking and customizing a cake from scratch.

Guidelines on what you must and mustn’t do in your baking adventures so they remain delightful and hassle-free.

Intensive course spanning for four days.

You get to take home whatever we bake, and at the end of the four-day course, you shall receive a certificate!

Have the resources necessary to bake cakes like a seasoned pro.

Partly demo and partly practical classes.

Learn fondant decoration, and to make fondant from scratch.

Discover how to bake an assortment of cookies, cakes, macarons, and brownies in a household oven.

Complex baking concepts are broken down into easily understandable topics.

Topics Covered

Baking and assembling a cake

Classic Spong Cakes

Red Velvet Cake

Mirror Glazed Cake

Fondant Quilted Cake

Types of frosting

Cream frosting, fondant and ganache

Uses of frosting tips

Fondant from scratch

Quilting and marbeling

Mirror Glazing

Fondant elements

Flower, leaves, and bow

Rich Brownies

Plum Cake

Banana Bread

Baked New York Cheesecake

No-bake Cheesecake

Eggless Cupcakes

Stuffed Chocohip Cookies

Oats Cookies

French Macarons

Student Resources

Baking Journal

The recipe journal is a detailed manual containing all the recipes that will be taught in the course. It is the holy-grail of baking with foolproof recipes that have been tried and tested time and again in the Alchemy 180° kitchen.

Baker's Essential Kit

A kit containing all the tools needed for the course which includes a spatula, palette knife, turntable, rolling pin, fondant tools, tier, scraper, set of piping tips, baking tin, piping bags for every student at the beginning of the course.

Kitchen Apron

A custom made high-quality, crease-resistant apron for every student. Baking can be a messy business and an apron is an essential garment that all bakers must have.



Takeaway Perks

The most fun part of your day at Alchemy 180° will be the perk of taking your creation back home with you. We let the students carry their cakes with them so they can get the honest feedback and criticism of their friends and family.

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Learn from the expert

Alisha Akheel Alchemy 180

Alisha Akheel


Alisha is an architect, a passionate baker, and a renouned public speaker and trainer in all things related to entrepreneurship and baking. Rooting from an education in architecture, the Founder of Alchemy 180°, incorporates into her deserts, strategic architectural designs in tailoring her elaborately crafted cakes. Cut to today there has been a whirlwind of baking adventures, with the unveiling of a Cake Studio and opening its gates to teach budding bakers led with her love for baking.


Who this course is for?


This course is designed with a fine balance of theory and practice for the beginning or intermediate bakers. It is also for the experienced bakers who wish to take a refresher on baking. Fitting for novice bakers, or for anyone looking to level up their cake baking skills. Great for bakers who want to learn the tips and tricks of baking. Anyone with a passion for baking is welcome to join our baking classes.


Master ₹ 14,999
Grand Master ₹ 22,999

4 days in-person baking lessons

4 days in-person baking lessons

4 days in-person baking lessons

Baker's Essential Kit

Baker's Essential Kit

Baker's Essential Kit

Recipe Book authored by Alchemy 180°

Recipe Book authored by Alchemy 180°

Recipe Book authored by Alchemy 180°

Lunch and unlimited refreshments

Lunch and unlimited refreshments

Lunch and unlimited refreshments

Baking Raw Material

Baking Raw Material

Baking Raw Material

Customized Bakers Kitchen Apron

Customized Bakers Kitchen Apron

Customized Bakers Kitchen Apron




Access to Alchemy Kitchen for 30 days

Access to Alchemy Kitchen for 30 days

Access to Alchemy Kitchen for 30 days

Baking is an art and a science that needs a special kind of education and dedicated practice to perfect.

The best of us have baking disasters from time to time. The truth is, baking needs a ton of knowledge along with a ton of faith in your two hands.

Technical knowledge is crucial but it only ever works when you learn to trust yourself with the information you possess and know how to apply it. Keeping this in mind and the experience Alchemy 180° has gained as a dessert and cake business in the past few years we recognized the presence of a huge lacuna in the market.

The demand for good quality desserts and cakes, that look and taste beautiful has grown by leaps and bounds. People who can make such cakes are very few and barely enough to bridge the supply demand gap! It’s because most baking courses are far too fancy, expensive and inaccessible. Either that or they are part of a cooking course that only casually touches upon baking. This is where concepts come in.

The Art of Baking isn’t a run off the mill baking course that one may join to kill time or gain a superficial understanding of the craft. It is a carefully curated 4 day course that will give you thorough training in baking. We source the best of ingredients and tools for you to learn things practically and get immediate feedback on your own work.

Tried and tested recipes are provided for you to make and experiment with. You learn the tips and tricks of the business of baking , that you may use either in your own kitchen at home or in a commercial setup. It’s a perfect study and application of the technique of baking and it’ll give you the rock solid foundation that all your big baking dreams need to take flight.

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