Dessert: Our True Partner In Crime

A hundred years ago no one would have imagined Desserts and Sweets would turn out to be such trendsetters. People wait in line for hours together to get a piece of treat which has been liked by celebs. In its own merry way, we end up forming friendships standing in the line lasting for mere hours but also forming some good old memories to cherish.

Back in the day, our grandma would bake an amazing pie and all the kids would sit on the dining table impatiently waiting for it to be served. That anticipation of something tasty followed by whiffing the scent of a freshly baked masterpiece never fails to overcome us with nostalgia.

Grandma's Cookies by Alchemy 180

Whether it’s the current millennial obsession or our grandma’s recipes, there’s always a place for sweets in our hearts. Whether it’s a Birthday or someone going through a tough breakup, desserts always come in handy and never fails to impress us. It’s the comfort food we all deserve through thick and thin. It’s our partner in crime, even though the crime is adding some deliciousness in our lives.

Our lives are filled with small moments of “Kuch meetha hojaye” (let’s have something sweet) after every occasion including our daily meals. Coming from a family of sweet-toothed people, there is always a Sweet box present at all times and that just showcases its importance even in the smallest of gestures. It has turned out to be such an integral part of our lives, that living without it seems almost impossible.

Cake Pops by Alchemy 180

And it’s not just devouring these beauties, the transformation of basic ingredients into this gorgeousness is just beyond magical! The licking of raw dough while mixing and not stopping at just 1 Cup of Choco chips while making cookies is just as charming as eating the end product! And the bond which ensues during the exciting process whether it’s you helping your grandma knead that sticky dough with your tiny little hands, and your grandma just laughing at your naïve technique. (Nostalgia back!) Or just having an entire day dedicated to your girl squad for all the notorious activities (and by that I mean Netflix and Chill!) and gossip to share pending from months, laughing and giggling, licking the spatula clean while chatting of the world around not having a care in the world is cultivating a friendship beyond friendship bands!

These moments stay with us all lifelong and shall be remembered without selfies and photographs, the stains in your dress, the tears because of laughing too much, and the taste of friendship enriched with your baked delights. All these moments come together, unified under one condition, and we all know what I’m talking about!

Choco Chip Cookies by Alchemy 180

Now that I have successfully tempted the cravings from within, come and become part of our passion filled destiny and order our scrumptious, mouth-watering, homemade treats and give us an opportunity to fill you with nostalgic happiness or comfort a sad soul or to just form new friendships along the way! Make us your partner in committing in these delicious crimes and we shall be waiting to be a part of your wonderful memories!

Ayesha Sameen
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