Slow Energy Releasing Foods

Lets Ramadan the Alchemy Way

Ramadan brings with it a world full of blessings but it’s own set of challenges too. This time round we are observing our fasting through the sweltering heat of May and June with each fast lasting over a long stretch of fifteen hours. A day full of abstaining from food and water means that by the end of each fast, one is drained of energy, quite literally and depleted of all of their strength. In such situations the pre and post fasting meals ie. the Suhoor and Iftar become highly crucial and dictate our stamina levels and efficiency throughout the day. The trick is to eat slow energy releasing food that will provide a reserve of energy that lasts from dusk to dawn. The question is what are these slow energy releasing foods and how can we incorporate them in our meals.

Slow Energy Releasing foods are nothing but complex carbohydrates. These are a special type of carbohydrate that take longer to be digested and hence release energy in a gradual manner unlike simple sugars that provide a burst of it at one go. These are perfect for Ramadan and using them will ensure that you and your family stay vitalized through the day. Complex carbohydrates aren’t any fancy super foods that might be difficult to source- our simple Whole Wheat, Oats, Beans are the best examples of it. Fiber rich fruits such as Bananas and Dates and other unpeeled and raw fruits also fall under this category. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are another example of this class of food.


A universal Ramadan favorite. It’s commonly present in both the major meals of the fast and the science behind it is that they are the best source of the kind of energy that will last an entire day.


These complex carbs are known to stabilize and slowly raise blood sugar levels. It makes them the best choice for Seher food and it’s versatility as an ingredient is another added advantage.

Almonds & Walnuts

Nuts are full of vital nutrients and energy. Almonds and it’s derivative foods are all the craze because of these properties. Walnuts are said to have neuroprotective qualities and are energy dense as well. Incorporating them in pre fasting meals ensures high stamina during the fast.


Alchemy’s Smart Treats for Ramadan!

If you’ve read that treasure of information given above but are confused about how to go about and use it, then don’t worry as we have it sorted for you! Alchemy is known for its custom cakes and desserts for every kind of occasion but this Ramadan we have decided to foray into food specially made with this holy month and it’s needs in mind. Here are our special Ramadan treats . These treats have ingredients that will give you the right pack of energy, vitality and stamina that is needed to get through each fast. So that, you may not feel lethargic or hold back from going about your work in Ramadan with less efficiency than your average day. These foods will help you stay active and full of life even as the fast nears it’s end!

Date and Walnut Oats Cookies

This cookie has a base of oats that pack a punch of energy along with dates and walnuts that add the right amount of sweetness and nuttiness. This is our go to cookie recipe for Ramadan. It provides high satiety and a signature crumbly nutty taste that is to die for.

Dark Choco Almond Oat Cookies

A generous melange of dark chocolate chips and roasted almonds baked with oats makes for a dreamy cookie recipe. These will be your Ramadan saviours if you love yourself some comfort chocolate and health all packed into one cookie!

White Chocolate and Cranberry Oat Cookies

This is a showstopper of sorts with perfect complimenting flavours of decadent white chocolate and fruity cranberry along with oats – both of which are fibrous and energy rich. Flying off the shelves, No wonder how many batches of these we bake!!

Banana Choco Chip Bread

A wholesome and healthy banana bread is an excellent dessert loved by all, but ofcourse adding chocolate to the equation makes it whole lot better and tastier! Banana is rich in fibre, nutrients and calories that will keep you satiated throughout the day . You get to choose your preference of dark, milk or white chocolate to add into the bread mix and voila your iftar dessert is sorted!

Oat Cookies
Ayman Ali Khan
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      Thankyou! Stay tuned for many more such interesting articles 🙂

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